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Saturday, 28 March 2009


Phew... I thought I would not be able to get my Biz & Econs Stats assignment done after my laptop was unable to recover from a viral attack. I called a friend of mine to express my depression for that incident. Then, she motivated me to do it from scratch. Thus, I used this old PC of mine and started my assignment from scratch in 2003 version of MW and ME. Since I knew what to do already, it already formed a basis of what my report should be. It took me quite a while to get used to MW2003 version and off to work I go. From 10.15pm until 3.30am, I worked non-stop to do all the graphs and tables for the assignment and write the report. I only slept at 4.30am. Exhausting.

Well, that's done for my Biz & Stats assignment. Now, I have to focus on the following homework for this week:
1. AFW1000 - Tutorial questions (Week 4) and assignment #1
2. ECW1101 - Tutorial questions (Week 4)
3. ETW1000 - Study
4. MGW1010 - Hunt down my cousin-in-law for my unfinished questionnaire and start the 1500 word report as soon as possible
5. MPW2143 - Research on Islamic famous people in the field of medicine

Now, I'm gonna take a break from blogging about politics for a while. With Najib as our new PM come April 2, I wonder what will appear in store for us Malaysians. Not to mention the 3 by-elections coming up on 7 April in Bukit Selambau (Kedah), Bukit Gantang (Perak) and Batang Ai (Sarawak).

My prediction for 3 by-elections after taking into consideration the political developments:
1. Bukit Selambau - BN to win by a majority of 3,000. Reason: PKR members not happy with choice of candidate. (Previous winner: PKR by a majority of 2,000)
2. Bukit Gantang - PAS to win by a majority of 4,000. Reason: People are still not happy with the unconstitutional takeover by Najib. (Previous winner: PAS by a majority of 2,000)
3. Batang Ai - PKR to win by a majority of 500. Reason: Sarawak bloggers are making Batang Ai a hotspot to spread the true information. (Previous winner: BN by a majority of 1,500)

A lot is at stake for both sides. We'll see who takes the decisive victory.


مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~ said...

eh u amek 5 units eh this sem?

Ahmad Syafiq said...

5 units best? Alamak, lagi stress la aku ambik 5 units. Kalau aku, lagi prefer ambik 4 units je. Haha.

Oxxer said...

It's funny when people at a very young age talk about politics. Give their own verdict, predictions and stuff. It's a good start I must say but just make sure whatever you write, don't make it sounds like as if you know everything. Every piece of information u got are secondary information. They may be true, they may be not. It would be great if you could maintain a neutral position in your writings. Otherwise people will question your credentials, which i assume you dont have any. If you just intend to provide people with information and news, cite properly.