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Friday, 13 March 2009

My first 2 weeks in uni

It's been 2 weeks since uni started. IB seemed only a moment ago (although it ended last November). Time moves on, and assignments start to pile up. New friends made, and old friends not forgotten. Yup, that's uni life. And my timetable is now not as packed as during IB. We choose our own timetables and I had Friday as an off day. Initially, it would have been Monday and Friday, but only Friday because of Islamic Studies on Monday (mata pelajaran wajib policy). But I still have most of the Monday off for studying in the library and playing ping pong in the MUSA lounge.

Subjects for this semester:
AFW1000 - Principles of Accounting & Finance
MGW1010 - Introduction to Management
ETW1000 - Business & Economics Statistics
ECW1101 - Introduction to Microeconomics
MPW2143 - Islamic Studies

Homework for this week:
1. Islamic Studies - research for famous Islam mediciner/scientist (meet up with my group members next Tuesday for current discoveries)
2. Accounting & Finance - Tutorial homework week 2
3. Intro to Management - Interview a manager using the questionnaire (due next Thursday)
4. Biz & Econs Stats - Assignment #1 (due in 2 weeks time)
5. Intro to Micro - Assignment #1 (due on Monday next next week), weekly tutorial questions

A busy busy weekend indeed.

Homeworks completed within the first 2 weeks:
1. Accounting & Finance - Tutorial homework week 1
2. Biz & Econs Stats - Singapore Case Study (excel work)
3. Intro to Micro - Tutorial homework week 1
4. Intro to Management - Tutorial homework week 1

Oh God, it's high time to shed my 'lazy boy' status.