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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Police and SPR

Now, these two groups work for the government of the day. And obviously, the current government is BN. Police, the guardians of peace, or deciding the government of the day? [Let me note to you all that not all policemen supports the government of the day anyhow] Some do their jobs well, some don't.

Let's recall 13 May 1969. Bukit Aman held a briefing for all its 'Malay' police officers. Guess what? Their duty is Malays first, police officer second. Their job is to defend 'Malay' political power and dominance. And so you have it, May 13. Thousands of parang wielding 'Malays' hacking to death any non-Malay in the way.

Now, focusing on SPR, they would not abolish the postal votes system, even though Communist insurgency had already ended a long time ago. Their reason? WITHOUT THE POSTAL VOTES, NO MINISTER WOULD BE ABLE TO REGAIN HIS/HER SEAT. There you go. You know whose side SPR is on.

"Isn't it the job of the SPR to guarantee free and fair elections?"

SPR: No, the job of the SPR is to ENSURE that the Malays do not lose political power.

THERE YOU GO. It vindicates the fact that the government of the day would continue to rule for the next 50 years regardless of what happens. Only with the full power of the people that the government of the day can be driven out. (I consider it a miracle if that happens during my lifetime) But that doesn't I'm gonna stop supporting the opposition, can I?

So, in conclusion, only the majority of Malaysians are behind PR. The rest sided with BN (judiciary, SPR, police, 4th floor boys, etc...)

An uphill battle indeed.

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