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Sunday, 15 March 2009

MU 1-4 Liverpool

Congratulations Liverpool. You guys deserved to win yesterday because you have totally outplayed Manchester United, who are below par for most of the game. Expect silence from the MU fans whenever you meet them. They are in their so-called mourning period. But not for me. The league moves on with MU still at the top of the league by 4 points, with a game in hand.

How MU will bounce back from this will be interesting to see. Coincidentally, the Liverpool match was MU's 14th home fixture of the league this season. The curse of 14 is telling. MU lost their 14th home fixture last season, against Man City. And that is only to be their only home defeat for the rest of the season. What is clear now is that MU are clearly rattled by this defeat. I was glad Vidic got sent-off yesterday. Besides, he was having a horrible game, unusual by his standards. All world-class players make mistakes, and Vidic was one of them.

The course for a clean sweep is still on. Community Shield, World Club Championship and Carling Cup aside, MU are still in the running for the remaining 3 trophies: EPL, FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Things look rosy for most of the season, until yesterday's thumping by Liverpool. I wonder if this would be a turning point at a crucial time. For me, I think it is. It'll be interesting to see how this is going to affect the Premier League race. Expect more last day dramas in the league.

As I end this post, I once again congratulate Liverpool for humbling Manchester United in their own fortress. This will serve as an excellent lesson not to be complacent anymore. COME ON UNITED!