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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Misunderstanding about Islam

Alrite, Islam has never asked its followers to 'laknat' because of a race, but because of the negative characteristics and demeanour of certain people in a race or a group of people.

So, in the case of Israelis, are all of them bad? I don't think so. There are good Israelis and bad Israelis. Bad Israelis attack Palestine, while good Israelis condemn their own country's act. So, is it justified to 'laknat' all of the Israelis just because of the bad Israelis' actions? We must not forget that 16% of Muslims are Israelis (most of them are Sunni Arabs but they are patriotic for their country). Instead, we should condemn bad people for their bad actions. Not condemn a whole race. But of course, in the case of Palestinians, it is their right to defend their country when under attack by the enemy.

Islam itself had asked us to be good towards humans, regardless of their race and religion. I had a half-Israeli teacher back in pre-U and she teaches English Literature HL. She's not a bad person at all, and she loves literature. Dr. Melissa Reed was her name. She only realised that she was half-Israeli when her mother died. But education knows no bounds. Regardless of race and religion, she taught literature well. And I'm grateful for that.

Islam also taught us to highly respect our parents, regardless of their religion. Follow their every order except the orders which is against Islam (like syirik, for example). I watched 'Mencari Arah Kiblat' on TV yesterday and it really touched my feelings how Islam managed to change the guy's personality from a 'kaki disco' and 'kaki perempuan' to being a good son who spends more time with his mother since starting to learn about Islam. Although her mother fiercely resisted Islam at first, but she later understands why her son wanted to embrace Islam and she gave him her blessings and 1 condition: "Jangan lupakan mak." And so, they both cried. And I cried with them.