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Friday, 6 February 2009

I say that Malaysians are forgetful

It happened in Kelantan back in 1978. It happened in Sabah in 1994. And it happened in 2009 in Perak.

These three events are linked to defections and demonstrations. Sabah especially when a man no other than Anwar Ibrahim who had engineered the defections of the PBS assemblymen into BN. PBS had held a 25-23 lead in the Sabah assembly. Then, defection after defection happened among the PBS assemblymen. Joseph Pairin asked for a dissolution from the Yang Di-pertua Negeri, but he denied the request. And so, PBS collapses and a new CM of Sabah was elected. There were demonstrations after demonstrations disapproving of the defections. However, it was only anger for a short time, and everything goes blur. As the next state elections come by, the Sabahans had all forgotten about the episode. They gave BN a bigger majority than after the defections, leaving PBS with only 5 seats in the state assembly. the times people easily forget because of their affection for the BN government, who in mythical stories are the only government capable of ruling Malaysia for a 100 years. And then, comes the GE in March 08 when Pak Lah dissolves the Parliament.

As a result of the people's frustrations towards the current government, they voted PR into power in 5 states (Kelantan, Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Perak), plus Wilayah Persekutuan. The young ones were pivotal in denying BN a 2/3 majority in Parliament. And so, that is what we know as the tsunami.

Soon after the GE is over, Anwar Ibrahim has once again started the defection stories. This time, he's in a different party. PKR was the name. Yes, Parti KeADILan Rakyat. After PAS, PKR and DAP had formed the Pakatan Rakyat coalition on 1 April 2008, there begins the defection stories by Anwar Ibrahim.

September 16 was the target. 30 MPs to aim for. But persuading these BN backbenchers is never easy, especially when you're in the Opposition. Anwar says he has the numbers, all Malaysians waited. As September 16 happens, nothing happened. Most were disappointed with that. But before that, let's not forget the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah's majority was 3000+ in the GE. Then, when Anwar contested, he got a whopping 12,000+ majority or so. A big leap. Permatang Pauh was Anwar's territory, regardless of which party he is in. This makes Pak Lah and Najib worried more over September 16.

As I said, September 16 didn't materialise. Anwar may have the numbers but he may have been double-crossed at the same time. Simultaneously, there was some good governance by PR in the states. Free water for the first 20 metre cube. Roads repaired. Poor people are given attention. So, all sounds good. People are happy.

Then, the turn into 2009. Houses in Kampung Plentong were demolished. And that is UMNO territory in Johor. Residents there feel betrayed. The Penan people's land were taken without permission for the 'big-big' companies to develop. We all know about Taib Mahmud's big businesses.

At the same time, 10000-20000 Sarawakians joined PKR. Intentions were clear. Sarawak is the target. And so, state elections are expected to be announced by the end of the year at the earliest. A charismatic leader Anwar was, but he forgotten one thing. Najib, the scandalous Deputy PM who had masterminded the fall of Perak through defections.

All started with the defection of Bota assemblyman into PKR. I don't think PR was smart enough to persuade this man into their team. He entered at his own accord. Then, he persuades the 2 PKR frogs to join BN. And so, they made the jump and Bota made a return journey to UMNO.
There, salt in the wound. 28+3 beats 28. BN are to lead Perak again. Najib has beaten Anwar at his own game. Anwar technically didn't get any defections. While Najib had quietly masterminded 4 defections from PR to BN. Nizar's request to dissolve the assembly was denied by Sultan Azlan. All was lost. Perakians are not happy about it. They want a snap election. And what did they get? A new but unstable government. Protests and demonstrations. Nizar is defiant to remain as MB until he is voted out by the State Assembly or the dissolution of the State Assembly. BUT, Sultan Azlan says that Nizar's post is vacant as he refused to resign, along with the other PR excos. And thus, a start of the constitutional crisis. BN says this and PR says that. What about the majority of the rakyat? They are more along the voices of PR. Snap elections. Legal battles will take a long time to consume.

The 2 PKR frogs have a corruption trial coming up on the 10th of February. 4 days from now. It'll be interesting to see whether there will be a trial at all. Even if there is, it is likely they will be acquitted of all charges. More criticisms will come towards the court, who are said to be influenced by the ruling government. And people will justify their speculation that the 2 PKR frogs joined BN because they want to escape the corruption charges. Thus, enhancing the reputation of UMNO is a corrupt party.

Demonstrations happened near the Iskandariah palace as the sworning-in ceremony was about to take place. Datuk Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir is to be the new MB. Police blocked off roads to prevent more protesters from coming in. Tear gases, arrests. That sums up the day for gloomy Perakians.

And this is where I want to emphasise my point that Malaysians are forgetful. They will forget whatever happened on the 5th of February 2009. Come the next GE in 2012/2013, they will vote BN into power because of their forgetfulness. And if you think I'm wrong, Malaysians, then prove it that you have not forgotten what happened in Perak. Vote for the opposition if you didn't forget. I'll be waiting for the day. The day BN falls at the mercy of the people. And to Anwar Ibrahim, you have to accept responsibility for messing with the wrong party in defections. Najib knows his stuff and you better be careful not to mention defections ever again. It is now officially a jinx word. Remember this: GOOD GOVERNANCE WILL REAP THE BENEFITS FOR THE PEOPLE. So, PR leaders, focus more on good governance rather than defections. It's pointless. They have the money, we don't. We are better than that. Show it through GOOD GOVERNANCE. And I'm sure the people can be won over because of that factor alone come next GE.

Makkal Sakti! People Power! Pakatan Rakyat! Good governance!