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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 4)

I got nothing much to do at home as I woke up at 10am [Before that, I already woke up at 4.15am and slept back at 7.30am]. So, I ate Quaker Oats for breakfast and I decided that I should come for the transitional and assertive skills workshop which is to be held at 2pm.

So, I exited my house from 11am and I went to drop by Jasema, where I buy some of my stationary. After that, off to Monash I go using the LDP.

I arrived at 11.30am and proceeded to the library to continue studying management. At 1pm, I exited the library and had my lunch at the cafeteria. Well, the food is not that bad. I wonder which students would complain about the food there...

Anyhow, as I'm done with lunch, I proceeded to level 3 of the School of Business where the workshop is to be held in 2 of the tutorial rooms. Transitional skills workshop was presented by the MUSA president. It was really interesting and with lots of humour at the same time. The station games held after the presentation was less interesting though.

And so, off I go to the Assertive skills workshop with the other students in the other tutorial room. The workshop was presented by the Counselling of Monash Uni. It was a pretty useful talk which helps me to indicate whether I am an aggressive person, an assertive person or a passive person. I met new friends at the same time like Jonathan, Anson (sounds like handsome), etc...

After the workshop is over, I head off to the library with Amy to help another new friend with his allocation of the timetable. This new friend's name was Ken. And bingo, another pro-opposition supporter. Looks like it is reaping benefits almost every time I meet a new friend. Haha. Anyway, me and Amy helped Ken with his timetable and then we're done. Then, I introduced my blog to Ken and he links it on his blog. My blog is mostly political but I do post some personal stories of mine, such as this. Haha.

Library closed at 5.30pm and I went home after that. On my journey home, I was stuck in a traffic jam. Ouch. Luckily for me it's a slow moving traffic, so it's not that bad. I reached home at 6.30pm and I did some laundry after that. From there, I surfed the Net.

Tomorrow is the MOlympic Games and I've decided to come because Chun Meng wants to play ping pong with me. So, I'm bringing my bats and ball tomorrow. Haha.

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