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Monday, 2 February 2009

Well Well Well... What do we have here?

As the Perak ADUN Speaker had announced, the 2 PKR MPs have resigned and thus, the seats will be vacant. Suddenly, later that night, the two of them had denied that they resigned. ADUN Behrang said that he had a 'surat sakit' since Wednesday. Ye ke sakit pun? Kalau sakit, kenapa tak bagitau kat keluarga? Can we imagine how the two of them couldn't be contacted by either the state government or their own families? You call that 'sick'? What the fuck...

And if it is BN's wish to see those PKR MPs hop to their party, think again. The Perak PKR assemblymen has a clause that if they quit the party, they will have to resign their posts. And so, BN's plan might have failed to hatch. Instead, if the Perak speaker is right, they will face 2 by-elections. That's a bother. A possible 4 by-elections since the General Election last year. We already had 2. Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. The People's Alliance won both. So, are the government ready for the tasks at hand?

Or, we can have another possibility. Since Mohammad Nizar, Perak MB will be seeking an audience with the Sultan of Perak to ask for his mandate for a snap election, that will possibly put BN in more murky waters. However, if the Sultan Perak refuses that, then PR's position as state government will be very precarious.

However, we must not forget the rhetorics of UMNO when it comes to party-hopping. When any opposition MPs or ADUN decide to join UMNO, they are welcome (moral). BUT, when it comes to UMNO MPs or ADUN deciding to join the opposition, they condemn it (immoral). It is always in their nature to see only the advantages that come to UMNO and deem it as moral. When it comes to disadvantages, they deem it immoral. WE MUST NEVER FORGET THIS. NEVER!

So, I implore to your Royal Highness, the Sultan of Perak, to give mandate to Nizar Jamaluddin to hold a snap election to clear all uncertainty about the support of Perakians towards the current state government, and to foil the immoral moves by the federal government for approaching the opposition MPs and coax them to join BN.

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