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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 5)

Today is the MOlympic Games at Monash. I woke up early and went to uni early. I arrived at the uni at 8.30am and I still see preparations ongoing for the games. So, I head to the library but it's still closed. It opened a few minutes later and into the library I went. I studied a bit of management again like the previous days and talked politics with Yu Win. At this point, I found 4 opposition supporters (including me) and 4 fence sitters in Monash. Swell...

At 9.30am, I exited the library with Yu Win and watched the start if the Games. Since we both belong to the School of Business Alpha group, we thought that we're not gonna participate in the games. So, we went to the tent.

Then, the Alpha group lacked people for blindfold football. So I joined that. It was real hard playing football while blindfolded. I couldn't see a thing. In the end, my team lost to the other school (couldn't remember whether it was engineering or arts).

There were other events as well. The most exciting is hydro-balloon war, where we see people get wet. Haha. After the war was over, it was then chaos. Everyone was running away to avoid getting wet. Some managed to escape. But I was caught wet anyhow as I try to get one of the water balloons to throw at anyone in sight of my radar.

At 11.30am, Chun Meng, Yu Win and I went to the MUSA lounge to play ping pong. Yu Win doesn't play ping pong but Chun Meng does. It's safe to say that Chun Meng is better than I do because of his backhand smashes (I was defenceless against this attack). Then, we were done with playing at 12.15pm. Then Amy saw us and asked us where we went. We said we were at the lounge playing ping pong. "No wonder I couldn't find you guys," Amy said. Hahahaha.

Then, I went back home to do Friday prayers after that. After Friday prayers, I went straight back to school to attend a compulsory workshop for Business and Commerce students. By the time I arrived at the auditorium, the place was really full. So, I had no choice but to sit at the stairs like the others who didn't get a seat. I listened to the speaker attentively as the talk was really useful and lots of humour included. I was really laughing my ass off. LOL!

After the workshop is over, I went back home. It was a really tiring day and I retired to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ