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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 3)

So, I have nothing much on on Wednesday. I went to Midvalley with my mom in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, I went to Monash in order to collect my student ID. Before I do that, I went to the library to do some reading on Management, which will be one of the units that I will be learning in Monash. Then, I went down to Level 1 of the library to find Yu Win. After that, we chatted for while and head off to the Admin building to collect our ID. We took the stairs to Level 2 of the Admin building where the Student Administration counter is located. It was quite a long line but fast.

As me and Yu Win lined up, a girl popped out of nowhere and said to both of us: "Is this where we collect out student IDs?" Me and Yu Win said, "Yup." Then we introduced ourselves to Amy. After collecting our IDs we sat down on the chairs near the counter and have a little chat, especially on politics. She's a fence sitter so, she's not on anyone's side. Haha, it's very interesting to talk to Amy. Yup, it's quite easy to find common ground in what we discussed. Then, at 3pm, she had to go somewhere else and pick up her brother and send him for his futsal. So, goodbye greetings were exchanged.

After she left, me and Yu Win went to explore the campus where our lessons will be held. Since we have to adjust our own timetable, we have classes at different times. And so, we explored for any possible shortcuts and locate the tutorial rooms. It was quite worth it actually as we get to know the campus better.

After we're done with exploring, we went to the library and I continued reading on Management. We had a chat at the same time so it's a bit hard to focus. Haha. At 4.40pm, I went home feeling tired again. But not as tired as the day before. Thank God.

And so, tomorrow, I will attend a transitional issues & assertive skills workshop at 2pm. I just can't wait to meet more new friends. I'm still adapting to the conditions at Monash and sooner or later, I will break out of the shy barrier.

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