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Saturday, 14 February 2009

A vocal critic

we all rakyat, people must wake up, have you paid enough toll ? have you pay enough taxes ? have you pay enough of AP ? everything we do even Pee, we pay. That is the government of Umno, BN, cronies capable, everything every Malaysian, rakyat tak kira siapa, masuk highway bayar toll, pay toll everywhere ? the most toll city/capital in the world ! and jam everywhere, jam in LDP everyday !!! and yet have to pay toll. The Cheras Mahkota, kita bayar buta-buta, untill heavy protest,
they make the 2km road to go out of the highway, became 7km, then charges toll every day, causing jam, rakyat have to go to protest until the cow come home, protest with the police harassment, this is malaysia boleh ! Umno boleh, BN boleh, toll sini, toll di sana, di mana-mana pun ada toll, dan toll naik harga, selalu, toll tak habis-habis.
we rakyat must wake up, yes we can, USA already got a new government, we got this kind of government that take care of cronies, government that is very rich, very corrupt, very korek , korek, korek, yet we vote for them ? we rakyat all very poor by the day, we deserve so much better, we are so poor compared to Singapore, and HK, they don't even have any resources ????? shit when are we going to wake up ?
not enough paying Toll, stuck in the jam ? remember Bandar Mahkota Cheras ? we must demonstrate peacefully, through the vote, we rakyat must make sure in the coming by election and every other election, we choose the alternative Pakatan, pakatan we only will see a better government.
remember, we change the government, we got free water from Selangor,
we got the kedah goverment give 50% discount to our cukai tanah, cukai pintu,
we got free rice for the poor in Penang, we got free water for the hard core poor.
we got the government take out the toll in PJS 2, what else ?
we must change and choose pakatan, we will see better benefit.
goverment is to work for the rakyat, not goverment that make rakyat pay, pay, pay,
BN = Bayar Never finish, Bayar Negara, Bayar Negeri, Bureaucratic Negara,
BN = Banyak Neraka (quite harsh, hahahaha, maybe he just meant it as an expression)
we rakyat must wake up. enough is enough.
this April 7th 2009, we make sure the 2 by election, we send a very powerful message to government, change change change,
the next general election in 2013 or 2012 March 8th we will have a new federal government.
we must make sure our country, is manage properly, clean government,
no more toll,
no more AP,
no more crime,
rakyat live happily , government to make sure rakyat do not suffer !
yes we can !

By: AzizKadir2u (Malaysia-Today reader)

As I read the article on Malaysia Today, this guy's comment received the highest hits of all comments at this point. (+282 [287 agrees, 5 disagrees]) Even the 2nd highest comment hit is only +70 or so... Not bad for a well-argued comment, although his syntax can be improved. Haha.