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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Perak has fallen to BN :(

It is official. As of 5.08pm today, Najib had announced that they have enough numbers to topple the PR government of Perak. 3 PKR fellas and 1 DAP fella has defected to BN, as revealed in the press conference at 4.30pm today by Najib at Putrajaya. Now, BN has 31 seats compared to PR's 28 seats within the State Assembly.

As the meeting between Nizar Jamaluddin and Sultan Azlan Shah is still on-going, we, PR supporters, can only hope that the Sultan will give consent to Nizar to have a snap election. The people's concern must be taken into account. Does Perakians want the PR government to be toppled? NO. Does PR supporters want the PR government to be toppled? NO. Can we see a silver lining in this matter? WE DON'T KNOW.

We can only hope and pray to Allah, that the Sultan will make a wise decision in the interests of the people of Malaysia, especially Perak. SNAP ELECTIONS! SNAP ELECTIONS! SNAP ELECTIONS!


Syed Marwan said...

nothing is official until the Sultan says so.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Well, let's assume that we only have a slim chance of getting the Sultan's consent. But there's still hope.

Nizar would still be MB until the Sultan decides to either dissolve the assembly, to accept the new government with simple majority, or a vote of no-confidence in the next State Assembly meeting,